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Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding and Removal, Planting and Fertilization, Emergency Tree Service and More!

South Bend Tree Service : For All Your Tree Care Needs in South Bend IN

What’s that? You need tree care service in South Bend? Well lucky for you – you landed on the right page. We are the best tree service in South Bend. Don’t just take our word for it. Talk to ALL the customers that we have served thus far! We are simply ALWAYS looking to over-deliver to our customers. It’s the reason we’ve been in business for so long!

We get it. You want the best for your tree care needs. You want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you hired an amazing group of professional tree specialists to service your home or building. We’ve been in business for a LONG time and if it’s one thing we can guarantee – it’s your 100% satisfaction at an affordable price that wont break the bank!

We like to go above, beyond, and even a few feet extra to prove to you that we are infact the number one tree care experts in the South Bend area. We’re basically grown Boy Scouts who love getting into the Weeds (pun intended) of tree care! We do it all – Tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding and removal, planting and fertilization, emergency tree service and more!

So how does this whole thing go down? Well you give us a call:

You: “Hey I got some guests over this weekend and I really need the place not to look like Tarzan’s jungle gym”

South Bend Tree Service: ” We hear you loud and clear. Say no more because we’re all geared up and ready to make your jungle gym looking like a national park”

We get an address from you. And zoom over with a big fat grown man Boy Scout smile on our face. You stand in awe at how quickly we’re able to give you an estimate and get straight to the point. You gladly accept our quote. And we get to work! It really IS that simple! So give us a call now and allow us to clean up that Tarzan jungle you got growing in the back 😉

South Bend Tree Service : For All Your Tree Care Needs in South Bend IN

Tree Removal
This is a dangerous task and should never be handled by anyone other than tree care professionals. Due to storms, winds, and other natural disasters – trees are likely to be shifted out of place and ultimately have to be removed because they are a safety hazard. South Bend has been in the business of Tree Removal for a LONG time. We’ve got the equipment, the right people, and experience to handle ANY tree removal job – no matter the circumstance. We’ve seen it all before. We will even grind the stump down and fill the hole to make it look like the tree was never there!​

​Tree Trimming
We all want a backyard that makes even the nicest of neighbors jealous. South Bend Tree Service trims your trees with precision, accuracy, AND creativity in mind. We know that looks are important and we take special care to take in your recommendation and suggestions. Every trim has a personality – We make sure to give your trees the best one! We trim trees, prune shrubbery, weeds, and landscape as well. See our tree trimming work for yourself.

Stump Grinding and Removal
This process can be long and arduous, but it doesn’t have to be. South Bend Tree Service has taken a many stumps down in their day and yours will be no exception. Stumps cause an eye-sore and are a safety hazard. We grind the stump down and patch up the hole back with dirt. We can even remove the stump outright so it’s roots are eradicated. It’s really up to you. How far do you want to take your stump removal. Give us a ring and we will give you our professional recommendation!

Planting and Fertilization
Planting is paramount to making your home or building aesthetically pleasing. Not only do trees provide oxygen but they can also make your landscape more inviting to you and your guests. Trees take a long time to grow – It’s important to start the process of planting as soon as you get a new place. South Bend Tree Service will transform your yard into a beautiful and lush garden that rivals national state parks!

Emergency Tree Service
Unfortunately, there are situations that arise that we have no control over – natural disasters, unsturdy structures, etc that can cause trees to plummet straight to the ground or worse in your home. We have the right gear and downright determination to get that tree that decided to take a nap on your roof out of your hair! Safely of course! Give us a ring and get your peace of mind back!


There’s no idle time with us. We give you the estimate. You love how affordable we are. We schedule a time for the job and get to work as soon as possible. We give you a time-frame for when to expect completion and we do everything imaginable in order to beat that deadline. We don’t take your business for granted and know you have other options. We respect that. And because we want you to call on THE BEST TREE SERVICE in South Bend – We will not waste your time. We locate our mark, take aim and get to work!

There are tree services out there that are either just getting started or have no business running a South Bend Tree Service company. Our owner and staff bleed green. We’ve been in tree care practically all our lives and don’t know a single person in South Bend that knows more about the intricacies of every Tree service that we do. We have a hundred percent success rate with customer satisfaction for a reason – We know what we’re doing.  No Tree care service we haven’t seen and performed ourselves. Trust us. Contact Us Today!

Seriously though – We’ve been in business for a LONG time – giving us exposure to just about any tree service issue. We’ve become accustomed to the snow days, the sunny days and have plowed through 12 hour days working in the mid-afternoon sun time and time again. No job is too strenuous or troublesome for the experience we’ve come to obtain!

Just another thing that separates us from the pack! We’ve sort of established ourselves as the tree care specialists that are not on time – but before time! It’s because we’re ALWAYS looking for ways to improve the customers’ experience with us. Being punctual is just another way of thanking you for your business. We know traffic can suck sometimes especially during rush hour – so we take into account when talking to you about when we will be over for the estimate or the job if we’re at that step.  It’s no surprise that we’ve come to be know as the number one tree trimmers in South Bend!

Whether you’re looking for tree removal, tree trimming, or just a great tree service that do it all – give us a ring below. Find out for yourself why we’re called the best tree removal service in all of South Bend! We also have a regularly updated blog that talks about everything from how to remove a tree yourself to the correct type of fertilizer! Please check back frequently as we add new posts often! We know it can be difficult to find an amazing tree removal service in all of South Bend, but we promise that your experience with us will be the start of a new relationship. We want to be the dependable tree professionals you’ve been looking for!


What are the exact services you offer?
We are experts in Tree Removal, Tree trimming and pruning, Stump grinding and removal, Planting and fertilization, Landscaping along with running an emergency tree service 24/7 for those hazardous situations! Give us a ring and we can tell you more about our exact process for each service! We care about the environment – this is why any salvageable wood is sent straight to recycling to give it new life – in the form of custom wooden furniture and other wooden products. We might be offering other tree services in the future so keep checking back for regular updates.

What areas in South Bend do you serve?
Council Oak
Erskine Park
Harter Heights
Howard Park-East Bank
Keller Park
Lasalle Area
Lasalle Park
Lincoln Manor
McKinley Terrace
Monroe Park
Near Westside Neighborhood
North Shore Triangle
Nws Cooperative Alliance
Packard Reo
Pinhook Area
Rum Village
Saint Casimir
Scottsdale Community
Southeast Pond
Southeast Quality
Twyckenham Hills
Wooded Estates

What’s this going to cost me?
As every service business – that will depend on the job. We will come out and examine the exact workload at hand and come up with a fair estimate for your needs. We stick to the script. No hidden fees. The price we give you is final. We’ve been there before – where you look at your bill after the job and get hit with fees that you have no idea about. We hate that. And don’t have the patience for that nonsense. No extra fees guaranteed.

Do you offer guarantees against damages?
Of course we do! It’s just that we prioritize safety above all and haven’t had an accident on our hands to date! That being said – when we come over to assess the job for an estimate, we will go over our damage policy with you.

I could use your service! Let’s do this! What’s next?
Give us a ring at 574-203-5112 to set up a date and time for us to come over and give you an estimate! You can also reach us by email by scrolling to the top of the page and filling out the form on the right hand side. We are open seven days of the week at all hours for your convenience. We offer tree care services for residential, commercial, apartment complex, and any other building you can think of! We got your back. And your yard! And if you like the way way we communicate, check out or blog to keep up to date with tree care solutions! We are in the process of having a team that blogs constantly about the latest in tree removal, tree trimming and more!

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