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​Tree Removal
We provide tree displacement services for all types of trees – miniature, small, big, gargantuan – we’ve seen it all. From trees that have been uprooted due to natural disasters, high winds storms or due to nature taking it’s course on decaying trees.

We have a very specific process for tree eviction. We make sure that the area is free of safety hazards, outline a perimeter, and get to work!

After years of experience with tree eviction – we have learned the safest techniques and best practices to handle ANY fallen tree. We also grind the stump down below grade and cleanse the area so it looks like the tree was never there!

When it’s time to finally part ways with that uninvited tree, you would be remiss is you didn’t let our professional tree care specialists handle it. To date, we have not had any mishaps with tree removal and do NOT plan on that starting anytime soon!

Tree Trimming
Your lawn looking like it’s endured a shot in the excellence office? Ring us and we’ll be there ASAP to transform your wilderness into an amazing oasis. A touch-up from us will leave every one of the neighbors down the road with a sound jealousy. We want to make your yard the one where everybody needs to thump back a tequila and party. Don’t you!?

So why do we perform tree pruning? Well – it’s common sense to know that it makes your landscape look nicer, even, and more inviting – but honestly its more than that. It can be downright hazardous to have trees with limbs that are too long and sharp. This is a huge safety hazard and it’s very easy for children to get mangled up in this environment.

There’s a science to tree clipping that every professional tree care specialist should know. Tree clipping should not be done without knowledge of which branches are problem-causing and how much to shorten and where. It’s not a random decision. It takes precision, accuracy, and downright ability to be tedious that separates a good tree care specialist from an incredible one. Our tree care  prides itself on it’s knowledge and creativity when it comes to tree pruning.

We want you to feel more than satisfied with our service. We’ve had numerous satisfied customers and you’re next! We offer residential and commercial tree services at a fair price. So don’t hesitate. Get the look your backyard has been waiting for all year! Contact us now!

Stump Grinding and Fertilization
When a tree is removed, remnants of the tree in the form of a stump are left-over. Now there is whole another process and science to getting this eye-soar out of your yard. Stumps are a huge potential safety hazard not to mention downright stubborn to get rid of. They also stick out like a soar thumb wrecking the aesthetic look of your yard.
So what exactly is stump grinding and removal?

It’s basic – grinding a stump refers to cutting the stump till it reaches the ground level. Our tree care certified arborists have performed this surgical operation a million times and have become experts at adapting to any stump. Once the stump has been grinded down below grade – we have two options removing the rest of the roots and sprouts or leaving them behind. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

The advantage to just grinding the stump is that it’s less time consuming. Once we grind down the stump for you, we will smoothen out the surface to make it look like the stump was never and we’re done. The disadvantage is that roots and sprouts that have not been removed will over time resurface again and give an unhealthy look to the yard.
The advantage of removing the roots and sprouts are that you obviously do not have to worry about them creeping back up to the surface. The disadvantage is that this process requires us to uproot the entire stump which will leave no doubt a huge hole that needs to be packed with dirt to level the ground. This process can take a long time and is physically draining.

Whatever option you choose – whether stump grinding or both grinding and removal, our tree care experts has the expertise and grit to take care of it. Let’s send that stump to Stump purgatory once and for all and give your backyard the look you’ve been waiting for!

Planting and Fertilization
Planting is important to have an aesthetically pleasing landscape. With proper planting management, you can create a striking scenery that will WOW everyone that steps foot onto your yard. This should be done as soon as possible because trees take a LONG time to grow. Ideally, you should start planting as soon as you move into your home or other commercial building. Planting will enrich your environment with colorful and abundant oxygen promoting trees and plants that rejuvenate your landscape.

Fertilization is also an important part of promoting a healthy and invigorating landscape. It allows for our trees, shrubs, and plants to be more resistant and immune to things that can cause damage to the entire ecosystem: diseases, insects, and bugs. In nature – fertilization happens as a byproduct of the residual of decaying leaves, woods, and other organic matter. These are converted into nutrient that are taken back by the soil from the tree-root system. In today’s lawns, gardens, and yards this process is not present as leaves and debris are raked up thereby reducing the natural fertilization source. This is why its more important to take the time to get proper fertilization done by tree care professionals.

Our tree care experts can talk to you about your planting and fertilization needs. We have the knowledge, experience, and talent to get the job done. We have been in the business of planting and fertilization for a LONG time and understand how pivotal of a role it plays in healthy and strong trees and plants. All our fertilizers are quality checked and contain the proper blend of fertilizing agents such as Nitrogen, Potassium, Iron, and Phosphorous. So, take our professional advice and should you choose to hire us – we will come and give you an estimate with a big fat smile on our face, schedule a date and time, be there early to get to work!

Emergency Tree Service
Unfortunately, when mother nature decides to unleash it’s wrath in the form of hurricanes, high winds, and bad storms – we all know to take cover – but the same can’t be said for our trees. They are at the mercy of the laws of the universe. Trees can be thrown around, limbs can be strewn about, plants and shrubs can be uprooted in a matter of seconds.

For these emergency situations, South Bend Tree Service has your answer. We offer 24 hour emergency tree evacuation services for your convenience. Is there a big piece of log sitting on your driveway or maybe it even decided to land on your roof or worse – right through your living room! Give us a call immediately and we can help give you obtain knowledge of the situation.

Even if your trees do not display obvious damage after inclement weather – It’s important to take preventative measures by calling your local tree care professionals. They will come and assess whether that specific tree should be uprooted or clipped to prevent future hazard. Our tree care experts can detect underlying symptoms of future casualties and take care of your current emergency tree service needs!
Call us today to to get that tree lifted and out of your hair!