Top Tree Cutters in South Bend, IN!

Our highest value is delivering an exceptional experience to our customers. We ensure that we hold ourselves to that standard through all the facets of our business – From phone call to service to packing up and riding off into the horizon – we leave you with nothing but complete satisfaction and a big fat smile on your face. It’s just the standard.

That’s how we’ve managed to become the number one tree service business in South Bend!

We cut through the surface overgrowth and get to the “root” of your tree care issue.

We will always go out on an extra “limb” for you and deliver more than you expect to leave your absolutely ELATED.

There’s a reason that our customers’ keep calling us back for their tree care needs. We deliver exceptional service at an affordable price that won’t break the bank!

We understand that as a consumer you have many options for your tree care needs. We respect that you are giving us your business. This is why we hold ourselves to nothing but excellence in our service and customer satisfaction. We want you to be more than satisfied with your tree care experience and beam nothing but smiles!

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South Bend Tree Service Background

We’ve been in the tree care industry for SEVERAL years. We know the ins and outs, the X and O’s and LOVE getting into the “weeds” of your problem. We have removed humongous mammoth looking trees, trimmed and pruned whole neighborhoods at a time, chopped and grinded innumerable stumps and performed emergency tree evacuation hundreds of times.

Through our professionalism, reliability, and talent – we have come to establish ourselves as the number one tree care specialists in all of the South Bend area. To be completely honest – the majority of South Bend has been worked by us. So if you’re standing in awe in front of a beautiful hedged tree – chances are we had something to do with it! 😉

Current Services Offered

Tree Removal
Tree Trimming
Stump Grinding
​Emergency Tree Care


Prices vary simply because each service is unique and takes a set amount of time and resources to complete. We offer quick estimates. Just give us a ring and we will have one of our certified arborists come check out your property and give you a fair estimate right away.

Our number one focus is our customers. We listen to your concerns, offer you an affordable and fair estimate as soon as possible and put a smile on your face when we’re done with the job. Call the number one tree service in South Bend Today!